Today, the Church of the Nazarene is involved in multiple church planting movements in the Horn of Africa, which is made up of the countries of Ethiopia and Sudan. Thus far 250,000 people are worshiping every Sunday in three thousand fellowship centres. We are preaching and teaching the message of hope and holiness in 41 languages to more than 100,000 Nazarenes. Today, thousands of Nazarenes worship in their own villages and serve God in their own language.

We hope that as you look through our news and photos you will be blessed, inspired, and challenged to be a part, either through prayer, giving, or coming and working with us.

Rev Ermias Choliye
Field Strategy Coordinator

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 20025
Nairobi Kenya
Phone: Tel: +254- 739-583659

Our Vision:

To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in every people group in the Horn of Africa.

Our Mission:

To facilitate a Holiness Church Planting Movement in every people group in the Horn of Africa.

Membership: 62,689 (October 2011)

Educational Institutions:

  • CLI – Creative Leadership Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
     (Articulation Agreement with ANU)
  • Juba, Southern Sudan

Distance Education Centres

  • 72 teaching centres throughout Ethiopia and Sudan


David and Lisa Johnson, Nairobi, Kenya

Districts & District Superintendents:

Central - Rev. Abinet Ababu
East (Pioneer Area) - Rev. Ali Muhadin
Gambella- Rev. Thomas Tutu
North Central (Pioneer Area) Rev. Adane Albaso
Northeast (Pioneer Area)  Rev. Adane Albaso
Northwest - Rev. Adane Albaso
Omo - Rev. Abebe Africa
South Omo ( Pioneer Area) Rev. Ermias M. Choliye
South Central - Rev. Afework Bonfato
Bansa-Bona- Rev. Daniso Kea
Aleta Selam- Rev. Dengiso Dafursa
Southeast- Rev. Tefera Badekims
West Central- Rev. Tefera Badekims
Sudan Districts:
Sudan East - Rev. Andrew
South - Rev. John Yual
Sudan Southeast – Rev. David Gugh

News from the Horn of Africa Field.

In the Horn of Africa we celebrate the creativity of our leaders to train and educate all people. If they cannot read and write, we have an oral training called Emmaus Road. For those with a little education, we train in large groups with oral and written work. Those who excel at that level continue up for further education. When God calls a person to his service, the Horn wants to be ready. In our theological training we have more than 3,600 students.

It starts with a tree and children eager to learn. It finishes with men and women called of God who hungers to know more of his love. Education is vital in any field and so we strive to offer it with all of God’s resources, but especially with His love.

The Creative Leadership Institute (CLI) and leadership development began in the Horn of Africa as a new strategy in the year 2002. It is a pastoral training extension program that provides theological education as well as training leaders for church planting. It requires the students to not just take classes but to implement what they learn from the education while they are training. Before they receive a grade from the class they must re-teach their class to other leaders of their districts or local churches in their local language. Before they can graduate from the program they must plant a church on their district and report to their District leaders.

Based on this strategy on March 3, 2010 on the 4th Southeast district assembly at Nassir, South Sudan the Area coordinator, Rev. John Yaul present to the assembly the twenty of the first CLI Sudanese pastors/students completed their requirements and graduated from the extension pastor-training program. Four received a Diploma of Theology and 16 received a Diploma of Ministry. The General Superintendent, Dr. David Graves ordained 8 of the first Sudan leaders and appointed DS’s for Southeast Sudan Rev. David Gugh, Sudan East Rev. Andrew and Gambella Rev. Thomas Tutu. The RD, Dr. Chambo, Regional NCM coordinator, Rev. Cosmos and the Field Strategy coordinator, Rev. Ermias Mekuria attended the district assembly, graduation and ordination service at Nassir South Sudan.

Field Information

Country & Year Entered by the Church of the Nazarene
Ethiopia - 1992
Eritrea - 1993
North Sudan - 1999
South Sudan - 2003
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