The purpose of the Missionary Personnel office is to provide member care, administrative support, and resources to Field Strategy Coordinators, missionaries and Mission Corp volunteers serving throughout the Africa Region and to help develop a sending system to connect Africans who feel a call to missions with service opportunities.

Number of Missionaries            # of Families                           # of Adults
Global Mission Contracts           37                                                71
Regional Contracts                       3                                                  6
Mission Corps Contracts              9                                                16
Missionary kids (MK’s)
under the age of 18                      49

Africa Region missionaries originate from 16 countries around the world and are serving in 23 countries of Africa
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Missionary Personnel Services in the Africa Regional Office:

David & Jodi Cooper are the Mission Personnel Coordinators, and are responsible for the care and logistical support for missionaries serving in Africa. This includes the development and implementation of a sending system for Africans who are called to cross-cultural ministry, acting as a liaison to the Global Ministry Center (GMC) in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, giving support to all matters related to missionary service.

David also coordinates Work & Witness and Partnership ministries at the regional level. He works with the various field and country coordinators as they work to have a strategic vision for the W&W teams and short-term volunteers that come to assist. It is also the goal of the Africa Region to create partnerships for every field with other caring Nazarenes that will help in the realization of our churches reaching the lost for Christ.

Need Resources?
If you are a missionary currently serving on the Africa Region, and need help with procedures or forms, please contact Either David or Jodi by sending an email to: