The mission of “TEACH Africa” is...

to provide part time volunteer opportunities to qualified teachers & professors seeking to expand their horizons while teaching at one of the educational institutions on the Africa Region

The primary focus of “TEACH Africa” is...

to attract as many qualified and available undergraduate and graduate level professors as possible to serve on a volunteer short term basis and to assist in raising the level of the teaching corps and students at the nine educational institutions on the Africa Region. While the primary target groups are faculty seeking sabbatical possibilities and retired faculty, other qualified individuals are also encouraged to explore the many opportunities that exist in resident and distance education.

What qualifications or experience are needed

At least a masters degree with teaching experience or subject related experience is required.  In instances where diploma level courses are being taught, a bachelor's degree with related professional experience would be accepted.

Will I receive a salary?

 No compensation will be paid, although some institutions might be able to assist with housing and utilities.

Will I need to raise any funds in order to teach overseas? 

Yes. Each participant in the TEACH Africa programme will be expected to raise all funds required for travel, insurance, housing, utilities and living costs. In some instances, an institution might be able to assist with housing and utilities.

What about student loans? 

There are no loans available through the Africa Region. Opportunities through outside endowments and scholarships might, however, exist for those on sabbatical or study break.

How do I raise the funds that I need? 

Once an assignment has been agreed to and finalized through the office of Volunteerism, assistance could be provided through the Church of the Nazarene's deputation office. However, everyone is encouraged to develop their own support network among family, friends, local church affiliations and colleagues who could commit to support.

How can I make disciples when I am full time teacher? 

Jesus was often called "teacher." It is His example that we seek to imitate as disciples who make disciples through the assignment of teacher.

What type of agreement will I sign? 

You will sign a short term contract through the office of Volunteerism that spells out all conditions attached to the assignment.

Will we be required to learn the language of our country? 

Learning the language is not required. You may choose to take lessons as part of the experience.

Can a friend go with me? 

In the case of a married couple, a spouse would be welcomed to come along and assist the host institution in areas of specific expertise. Singles will not be permitted to have friends accompany them, although opportunities might exist for friends to come and visit with due consideration given to the teaching load and academic calendar.

What is the process for applying for a teaching position through “TEACH Africa” ? 

Contact Dr Greg Crofford, Regional Education Coordinator, at  to learn about the opportunities available, to put you in contact with the respective institution most in need of your area of expertise, and to walk you through the necessary steps to apply.

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